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My Practice

I offer individual sessions to work on your specific goals. In addition, I offer the Traditional Rolfing 10-Series for clients who want to explore the brilliance of that work. I have provided links below where you can learn more about the Rolfing Series.

At the core of my practice lies Rolfing Structural Integration, complemented by ongoing education in various allied disciplines. These include Osteopathic Manual Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, The Pelvic/Lumbar Algorithm, Rolf Movement, Muscle Energy Techniques, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork.

I do not believe in pushing through pain, or forcing the body to change. In my work, I bring a deep level of listening and sensitivity to my touch and work with your body to create healing. Most clients remark, "I didn't know Rolfing doesn't have to hurt!"


Moreover, I bring a trauma-informed sensitivity to my sessions. It is my heart's deep joy to walk alongside you as you re-establish a connection to safety, strength, vitality, and joy. And if our connection isn't the right fit, I am happy to be a resource in your journey to finding that right fit.

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