Ryan's Rolfing

Experience Lasting Change 

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Stand Taller, Move With Greater Ease, Experience Increased Vitality With An Enhanced Sense Of Well-Being.

We Focus On Your Individual Needs

Your unique posture is assessed for structural function/balance and treatment is advised based on your individual needs. 

All major joint systems and tissue types are addressed - connective tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. 

A Comprehensive & Thorough Treatment Program

Traditional Rolfing

10-Session "Recipe" Available

Each of the 10 sessions is unique and focuses on a different area/region of your body. Every session builds on previous work.

Highly Developed & Refined Techniques Are Used

Rolfing uses a slow, deep, and refined listening touch to release individual muscle groups, stuck vertebrae, and joint systems.

Focused On Your Fascia:

The Connective Tissue

Fascia is the tissue that connects everything in the body, and is a common tissue involved in imbalances that lead to pain. 

You Feel A Deep & Long Lasting Change

Because your physical body is realigning at the surface and deep levels, you can experience a change in both body and mind/spirit.

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About Ryan

As a certified Rolfing Structural Integration Therapist from Rolf Institute of Structural Integration with more than 5 years of experience, Ryan brings a strong understanding of anatomical knowledge, postural alignment, and myofascial techniques to his Rolfing sessions.

In addition to his Rolfing career, Ryan has taught over 1000 hours of Yoga classes since 2010 at Yoga Shala, One Flow Yoga, and The Yoga Seed Collective and completed extensive Buddhist studies in philosophy and meditation, earning the title of Maroke.

A word from the clients


For the first time in almost 10 years I stood up WITHOUT ANY PAIN. To no exaggeration, I had to fight the tears back.

—  Emilio